Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking for answers.

We live in a world of sorrows.

A world soaked in conflict, injustice and poverty.

We live in a world touched by disease, that which is incurable, that which is unstoppable.

We live in a world where today’s newspaper is someone’s bedding and a cardboard construction against an unused wall is called home.

We live in a world where you’re too old, too young, too immature, too independent, too co-dependant, not spontaneous enough, not sensible enough, too this, too that but never enough.

We live in a world where tears go unnoticed; where the burdened become someone else’s responsibility and stay medicated to disguise the pain.

We live in a world where hopelessness twists its tendrils into the cavity of damaged hearts and optimism seeps through the once half-full glass leaving it drained dry.

We live observing the innocent abused, their youth spent in a pendulum-like existence choosing to fight or fly, destination unknown.

We live in a world where confidence is foreign or deemed arrogant.

We live in a world where predictions are promises of disasters to come, counting the seconds until it’s outside our door. Knock, knock…who’s there? Do we answer?

We live in a world where faith is mocked, seen as a crutch, a disability, for believing in Something or Someone who may have another point of view.

We live in a world where courage turns its face away because it’s “not my problem” and what’s right or wrong no longer has distinction because interpretation and perception are ambiguous.

We live in a world of mistakes, regrets, brokenness and disappointments.

Why then, why then, is this world still so, so beautiful?


  1. Because here does not live only human in the world and not all things are man-made
    The world in which we live is beautiful because we did not create it

  2. Thought provoking and beautifully written.

    I love that amongst the brokeness and pain, we hide in the arms of Jesus, even if for a moment, and be enveloped by his peace and hope.


  3. Poetic and moving... amazing how dark the world can seem when you focus only on the sadness and hopelessness. So glad there is hope!!

  4. Mysteries abide within and outside. Our focus can blur and our speech become a slur. Look out to the beauty that compels us to breathe and when we are ready it becomes ours to receive. xx

  5. You write how the world can be perceived to be and sadly in reality it is. Looking for answers are something we all seek, best of all creating questions to find an answer or, love, understanding, hope, responsibility, if all of us who visit and share this beautiful world could really appreciate its wonders and question the magic of it all, we would all be 'looking for answers' to continue having a world to share. Regrettably our human race does not recognise the magnitude of its own demise. Uni

  6. Thank you.... Beautiful as always. You wow me daily. X