Monday, February 28, 2011

Set in stone.

Most of us, it seems, are dictated to on a daily basis.

Time to wake up. Time to take the kids to school. Time for the morning meeting. Time for dinner. Time to go to bed. Time to go to sleep. Time to do it all again.

I made my entrance into the world at 7.56am. I know this because it was recorded (and the fact that 11 minutes earlier my twin's was also).

Taking a moment to find the definition of 'time' I discover it means a temporal length of an event or entity’s existence. So technically we not only live within the parameters of it, we are ourselves a time zone. We are a space; a spell; a stint; a stretch; a span. Whatever way you look at it we have a beginning and an end.

For how long though? How much time do I have left? How many hours, months and seasons do I have to play with – because at the end of the day, well, that’s one less left in my existence. And who knows if this day I’ve lived half my life or whether tomorrow I have only a handful of breaths to do with what I choose.

And what I choose counts because time waits for no man. It’s been like that since the beginning – but let’s not get into that discussion.

I think Eleanor Roosevelt had it right when she said: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it the present.”

One day; 24 hours; 86,400 seconds. Time may be up my sleeve but it’s out of my hands to change it.


  1. Was thinking about my life span the other day. Am I at the half way point in my life was the thought? I'm wondering what else you have been pondering Em? Let us know! B.

  2. ooh I like that quote be Mrs Roosevelt.
    Hhhmmmm great post.. very thought provoking!

  3. For New Zealanders all over the world at the moment, living for the now has become that much more poignant. We are saddened by what has happened to our Christchurch neighbours. We are desperate to assist, but feel like there is nothing real that we can do. We are thankful for those nearest and dearest to us and hug them everyday - careful to recognise that every moment with them is precious, and every moment could be our last!

  4. Very true, we only have the minute we are in right now. So what do we chose to do with our 'time'? Not just our plans for the future but in this moment too. Hope you are enjoying your 'time'. :)

  5. Well said. What I really dislike about the world I currently live in is that we use money as a measure of time. Time does not and should not equal money. PS- I didn't realise you were a twin!

  6. Time - the fourth dimension, which a man has not learned to control.
    And hopefully will never control