Tuesday, December 14, 2010

W. W. You. Do? (And the day I rode the carousel.)

A few years ago there was the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) fad. Now I’d just like to state, first of all, this is not a spiel about faith, God or musings of the spiritual kind.

I’ve been thinking about influence these past few weeks and maybe this would be better titled ‘What Would Who Do?’. Because no matter what creed you follow, having someone who motivates you to challenge yourself can’t be a bad thing. Right?

On the fleshly side of life, call them what you will: role model, super hero…friend, this is the person who makes you consider your options, be resolute in decisions – jump off the cliff believing you’ll be okay. It was this person who said to me before embarking to unknown lands, “If an opportunity comes your way, go for it!”

That’s why I decided to ride the carousel.

Built in Victorian times, chiming tunes like an organ grinder’s monkey, noble steeds and cockerels circle in rows of three. A thousand bulbs shed iridescent yellow light illuminating gold serif writing and prancing hooves.

Astride Milly (appropriate in the circumstances) I see young and younger choosing their chargers. When a bell rings the carousel starts, quickly picking up speed. Faces whizz by, anonymous, cameras poised and I think in another time and place I don’t know if I’d do this…this child’s thing. This space usually relegated to the under 10’s. Why? Because it’s too youthful? Too un-adult like?

What would you do? What would who do? What would I do? Take the opportunity and see what happens…


  1. I think way to many adults miss out because they are too busy being adult. Nice post

  2. Like you, I would like to think that I would not have let the chance go by, but then I realise that I have taken some photos of a couple of carousels in Italy and in France recently...without riding them - so does that make me a hypocrite??

  3. I am in touch with my inner child. Could be why ive pee'd off a few 'adults'..... Some talk too much and do very little. Many stop laughing and singing. Too weighed down by the 'role' of adult. I love hanging out with kids. They think about the words coming out of their mouths. The way they are formed. Things are so much simpler. Not confused by bullshit - he said, she said - reading between the lines and making judgements.

    I will stay in touch with my inner child. Ride the roundabout. Slide down the slide. Dance when you have no rhythm. Laugh from your belly. Feel it and mean it ;-)