Saturday, August 07, 2010

10 packets of snifters and a one-way ticket to the UK

Snifters are not a drug but they are an addiction.

A kiwi icon made redundant by Cadbury who "obtained" Nestle then decided to ditch the perfect lollies (including Tangy Fruits and Sparkles). Snifters, for those of you who're interested, are minty-chocolatey-nougaty goodness.

I have, or should say had, 25 packets. There now remain 16 but 10 will travel with me in October and the challenge is on to see what I can swap them for. Now, reality is, there's a heap of ex-pat New Zealanders living in the Big Wide World.

I reckon several of them wouldn't mind a taste of the homeland and riding the waves of remembered youth; spokey-dokes on BMX wheels, being the Standard Four pie monitor and when Space Man Candy Stick tips were still dipped in red...

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